Oleamide Lubricant Opening Agent Bead Appearance

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Product Description

Application of oleic acid amide in plastics
1. Application in high pressure polyethylene
(1) Adding oleic acid amide (erucamide) to high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) film material can prevent dust from accumulating on the surface of the product, improve moisture resistance and antistatic performance, and significantly reduce dynamic and static friction. Coefficient, high linear speed extrusion, improve the efficiency of blown film (extrusion, calendering), improve the processability of the resin and the opening of the film, effectively prevent the bond between the films, and significantly reduce the fisheye on the film surface. Stripe, improve cleanliness, tensile strength, elongation at break, lower dielectric constant, reduce power consumption by 10% - 30% at the same screw speed, increase yield by 30% - 60% at the same power consumption When directly added to the resin, attention should be paid to controlling the uniformity of the amount and the amount of addition to prevent the screw of the extruder from slipping, and not too little or too much, so as not to affect the smoothness of the film product. It can also be used as a masterbatch with other additives such as calcium sulfate, silica, stearic acid amide, hydrated magnesium silicate, stearate, pigment, dye, antioxidant, anti-mold agent, etc. .
(2) Covering crops with a silver mulch containing aluminum powder can promote the growth and development of plants and prevent pests and diseases. However, when the silver mulch is used in summer, its reflectivity and weather resistance are not enough. It must be made into a silver masterbatch to produce a multi-layered silver composite film. The oleic acid amide (erucamide) is the aluminum powder in the masterbatch. Ideal dispersant and lubricant.
(3) As a dispersant in the processing of polyethylene masterbatch, its dispersion effect is higher than that of polyethylene wax and other dispersants. It can replace imported diffusing oil in polyethylene white and black masterbatch, and the pigment content can be increased by 10%-15%. Whiteness or blackness, smoothness and brightness are also increased, melt index is increased, output is increased, and cost is increased. Reduce accordingly.
(4) It can be compounded with fillers, thermal insulation additives, anti-fog dropping additives, etc. to form a composite multifunctional masterbatch. The product has good dispersibility for inorganic flame retardant. The use of polypropylene flame retardant masterbatch containing this product can reduce the amount of flame retardant, improve the mechanical properties of the product, reduce the cost, and develop a new flame retardant masterbatch. An indispensable additive.
(5) It is used as a slip agent for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) packaging film, and the addition amount is 0.05%-0.2%. When added, the film thickness can be made uniform to prevent wrinkles.
(6) Used as an anti-bonding and anti-fogging agent for EVA packaging films and agricultural films. Reference formulation: zinc stearate (or calcium stearate) 1% oleic acid amide (erucamide) 0.1% diatomaceous earth 0.2%.
(7) Lubricants for polyethylene laminates. Such as: polyethylene 80% propylene ethyl ester 20% oleic acid amide (erucamide) and so on.
(8) Electrostatic antistatic and anti-static agent for antistatic polyethylene heat shrinkable film. Such as: oleic acid amide (erucamide) 0.1% silica 0.1% and so on.
(9) After adding oleic acid amide (erucamide) to the polyethylene pipe material, the extrusion amount is increased by 20%, and the surface of the produced pipe is bright, smooth and fine.
2. Application in linear low density polyethylene
(1) LLDPE film has excellent tear resistance, puncture resistance, better aging resistance and higher transparency than LDPE, but its processing temperature is high, melt viscosity is large, and processing with LDPE unit is difficult. Efficient lubricants must be used to improve their processability. Adding 0.1%-0.3% oleic acid amide (erucamide) to the resin, the dynamic and static friction coefficient can be reduced to K = 0.12, K static = 0.11, and LLDPE and LDPE can be extruded on the same equipment. Blow molding, and reduce power consumption by 8% - 25% at the same screw speed; increase 25% - 40% extrusion at the same power consumption, reduce processing temperature, significantly improve resin flow and film ease The opening property improves the transparency, gloss, elongation, crack resistance and the like of the film. Oleic acid amide (erucamide) is an important additive for high-speed extrusion, low-cost, high-quality production of LLDPE films.
(2) Additives for LLDPE corrugated foam film. Such as: LLDPE9500g heavy calcium carbonate 3000g oleic acid amide (erucamide) 100g polyethylene wax 60g titanium dioxide 300g antioxidants.
(3) Adding oleic acid amide (erucamide) to the LLDPE (HDPE) cable insulation and the all-plastic communication cable sheath, the main current of the machine is reduced during processing, and the processed cable surface is smooth and fine, achieving high-speed extrusion. Significantly reduce costs.
3. Application in polyvinyl chloride
(1) The surfactant added in the agricultural drip-free film is easy to ooze out to the surface to cause adhesion between the films, and the addition of oleic acid amide (erucamide) (0.05% - 0.3%) can prevent adhesion of the drip-free film. It can also improve its slipperiness and dripping. Oleic acid amide (erucamide) can be added directly or added to the masterbatch.
(2) Adding 0.1%-0.3% (by resin juice) of oleic acid amide (erucamide) to PVC containing stabilizer and plasticizer, and heating the film to 50 degrees Celsius for 2 hours, the peeling strength is only 0.0192 N/m, if no acid amide (erucamide) is added, the peel strength is 0.0786 N/m.
(3) Used as a slip agent for rigid PVC transparent packaging film (twisted film, sugar paper). Hard transparent PVC packaging (agricultural, industrial) film is easy to accumulate static charge due to its insulating properties, and the presence of static electricity tends to cause film adhesion, the surface of the film is easy to vacuum, as long as 0.05% - 0.2% oil is added Acid amide (erucamide) prevents sticking and improves openness. Mixed with monoglyceride, calcium stearate (zinc), etc., the effect is better. Especially suitable for calendering and forming.
(4) In order to prevent the films from sticking to each other, inorganic inert solid powders (such as talc, calcium carbonate, etc.) are usually mixed in the resin, but the PVC agricultural film is easy to form a large number of bubble spots, which impairs the transparency of the film and reduces sunlight. The transmittance of the plant will have an adverse effect on the growth of the plant. The film will also shrink greatly after being sprayed with the rain, and sometimes even cause the film to be torn. After pretreatment with oleic acid amide (erucamide), it can be avoided. The above phenomenon.
(5) Adding aluminum powder, epoxy compound, organic phosphate to PVC agricultural film, and using oleic acid amide (erucamide) as dispersion stabilizer and lubricant, can be made into a light-shielding polyvinyl chloride agricultural film with Metallic luster and excellent heat retention and weather resistance do not fade.
(6) Adding oleic acid amide (erucamide) in plastic doors and windows (in building plastics) can make the doors and windows white and white, without pitting, and the surface is smooth and bright.
4. Application in polypropylene
(1) Used as a release agent and slip agent for BOPP film, added in an amount of 0.05% to 0.2%, or added together with other auxiliaries (or pigments) to form a masterbatch.
(2) It is used as an additive for a highly transparent polypropylene composite film, generally in an amount of 0.1% to 0.2%, and can also be used in combination with a monoglyceride, and has a remarkable synergistic effect.
(3) Oleic acid amide (erucamide) has high dispersion characteristics for inorganic fillers, and can be used as a dispersant in modified polypropylene, and can also increase plastic melt index, increase surface brightness, smoothness, and reduce processing. temperature. The reference amount is from 0.3% to 1.0% in the high-filled polypropylene and from 1.0% to 3.0% in the high-color polypropylene.
(4) It is used as a slip agent for anti-blocking transparent polypropylene composite film, generally used in an amount of 0.06% to 0.1%, and can be used in combination with calcium stearate, silica, and monoglyceride.
(5) Additives for polypropylene corrugated foam film. For example: polypropylene 1000g talc powder 1000g monoglyceride 50g oleic acid amide (erucamide) 50g titanium dioxide 50g antioxidant 30g and the like.
(6) A slip agent for a blended film of polypropylene and rubber. Such as: PP35 polyisobutylene rubber 50 EVA15 antioxidant 0.2 erucamide 0.4.
5, the application of other resins
It can be used as a lubricant and a release agent for polyamide (PA, nylon) resins, phenolic resins, urea-formaldehyde resins, melamine resins, polyester resins, cellulose acetate and nitrocellulose. It can improve the flow properties of the resin itself, improve production efficiency, improve the appearance quality of the product, improve the smoothness of the product, prevent and overcome the mucosa, and improve its easy processing.
6. Slip agent with disposable plastic syringe
Since the transparency, strength, elasticity and surface lubrication requirements of the needle tube are particularly high in use, a slip agent must be added to the material, and oleic acid amide or erucamide is generally used.
7. Lubricants for polyethylene cable materials
Adding oleic acid amide (erucamide) (0.05%) to the cable material, the friction coefficient can be reduced from 0.7 to 0.06, and also improve the dispersibility of coloring and carbon black, and achieve high-speed extrusion of cable pellets. The inner wall of the cable sheathing tube is smooth.
8, the application of plastic ink
Adding oleic acid amide (erucamide) to plastic inks (paints and coatings) can improve the printing performance and lubricating properties of inks, and improve the dispersion properties, and enhance water resistance, scratch resistance, color fastness and abrasion resistance. In addition, it can improve the spreadability, fixation and slidability of the ink on the surface of the printed matter, so that the printed characters and patterns are clear and the color is bright. Used in combination with polyethylene wax, it is a good anti-offset and scratching agent in printing ink components. Used in the coatings industry as a pigment grinding aid and dispersant. Also used as cardboard paraffin coatings, powder coating dispersants and lubricants.


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